Settlement of Estates and Trusts

Sarasota Probate Attorney

Many estate and trust issues cannot be resolved without after death planning. This type of planning, known as post-mortem planning, is involved in many forms of estate and trusts.

We assist clients with many forms of probate, including summary and formal administration.

In each instance, this involves both testate (dying with a will) and intestate (dying without a will) situations. We advise clients through the entire probate process; from choosing appointment of a personal representative, determining which process is appropriate to open the estate, publishing notice to creditors, paying or objecting to creditors, opening the estate, preparing any required accounting, preparation of a Plan of Distribution, and making final distributions and discharging the personal representative.

We also advise clients on settlement of trusts after death. Although no probate may be required or appropriate, we advise clients how to pay final bills and distribute assets from trust to settle a trust after death.

During the entire post-mortem process, we also advise clients about tax elections and other similar actions that must be considered as part of the post-mortem process.