Business and Tax Related Advice

Corporate TaxationCorporate, partnership, and business matters include legal advice (both tax and non-tax) involving the formation, operation and dissolution of business entities, including ‘S’ corporations, ‘C’ corporations, limited liability companies (‘LLCs’), limited partnerships (‘LPs’), limited liability limited partnerships (‘LLLPs’), professional entities including professional associations (‘PAs’) and professional limited liability companies (‘PLLCs’), and general partnerships.  Our advice includes choice of entity questions, buying and selling businesses, and structuring of transactions.  We assist our clients in buying and selling businesses.

We prepare and negotiate Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements, Stock Purchase and Sale Agreements, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation, Promissory Notes, Security Agreements, Mortgages, and Stock Pledge Agreements.  We also prepare entity formation documents.  Although these vary from entity to entity, these are drafted after discussion and consultation with our client.  Entity documents include Articles of Organization or Incorporation, Bylaws and Operating Agreements, and Organizational Minutes.  We provide annual entity maintenance services that include filing of Florida Secretary of State Annual Reports and preparation of Annual Minutes, and are available to serve as Registered Agent for Florida entities.

Taxes are interwoven with many business decisions, and we provide advice to our clients on those matters.  For example, tax consequences of one type of entity may have dramatically different tax results and should be coordinated among all of a client’s professional advisors.